Best practices and tools to actively manage cultural diversity (CRHA approved)

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Clientele: Advisors and business partners working in human resources management, directors and managers or any other person with decision-making authority in the company wishing to participate in creating a more inclusive work environment in a multicultural or multiethnic organizational context.


Course is approved by CRHA.   *Course is also offered in french.

 Sceau CRHA
  • Develop awareness of the issues, dimensions, implications, and applications of cross cultural interactions in organizational and team environments.
  • Be inspired by best practices in the area of cultural diversity management to initiate the process of reflection on the organizational change project resulting from the implementation of an integrated cultural diversity management program.
  • Analyze and review practices and tools that need to be adapted in human resource management and other departments to fully take advantage of cultural diversity.

At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Act as a change agent regarding the necessity and opprotunities of managing cultural diversity.
  • Target the core elements of a cultural diversity management program that best matches the organizations's strategies.
  • Structure and build best practices and tools that allow to:
    • Give employement and advancement equal opprtunities to staff of diverse ethnic origins.
    • Efficiently support the integration of the newcomers and actively develop their full potential.
    • Maximize collaboration within teams in e multiethnic environment.
    • Promote an inclusive culture across all departments of the organisation.
  • Explain the necessity to train all level personnel in cross-cultural competencies.
  • Begin the design process of your organisational change project which consists in implementing an integrated cultural diversity management program.

Approche pédagogique

  • Formal presentations used in a very participative way
  • Exercises and applications
  • Role play, case study, video analysis
  • Small groups discussions and debriefing
  • Discussions and classroom debriefing
  • Real work situations discussed and analyzed
  • Group work, solutions presented to classroom and coaching.

Attestation délivrée en fin de cours

A certificate of participation will be given to those who have attended more than 80 % of the training hours.

Matériel pédagogique

  • The training slides
  • An exercice booklet
  • All references

Contenu du cours

Challenges and advantages of cultural diversity

  • Costs of not managing cultural diversity
  • Stakes and advantages
  • Systemic vision
  • Cost-benefit analysis 

Context around cultural diversity

  • Demographic context
  • Statistics on immigration and immigrants profesional integration
  • Related concepts
  • Types of immigration
  • Migratory experience 

Integrated programs in cultural diversity management (CDM)

  • Key elements of CDM program
  • Some examples
  • CDM and the employer brand 

An important organisational change

  • Systemic view
  • Stakeholders
  • Audit and desired outcomes
  • Strategies to implement 

CDM Best practices and tools

  • Top management
  • Engineering
  • Marketing and sales
  • Communication service
  • HRM : strategic partner 

HRM best practices and tools

  • Recruitment
  • Selection
  • Hire
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Integration
  • Retention and loyalty
  • Cross-cultural teamwork
  • Reasonable accommodation
  • Performance review
  • Building cross-cultural competencies
  • Leadership
  • Promotion 

Building cross-cultural competencies

  • Cross-cultural competencies
  • Culture
  • The 4 layers of diversity
  • Cultural dimensions at work :
  1. Distance to power
  • Intercultural communication
  • Constructive feedback methodology
  • Intercultural conflict resolution
  • Critical incident technique 

Implement the organisational change project

  • Deliverables
  • Indicators
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