Introduction to cultural diversity management and relational skills-set in a multiethnic work environment (CRHA approved)

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Durée 14 heures

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Clientele: Team leader, project manager, supervisor, manager, member of a multiethnic team or project team, any staff wishing to participate in making their work environment more inclusive in a multicultural or multiethnic organizational context.


Course approved by CRHA   *Course is also offered in french.

 Sceau CRHA
  • Increase awareness of the issues, dimensions, implications, and applications of cross cultural interactions in organizational and team environments.
  • Develop practical skills for working, communicating, and collaborating effectively at all levels with people from differing cultural backgrounds.

At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Act as a change agent regarding the necessity and opportunities of managing cultural diversity.
  • Understand, analyze and manage demanding, difficult or conflicting situations arising from cultural differences in multiethnicworking envirnments.
  • Promote collaboration and communication in multiethnic teams in line with business objectives.
  • Support the integration of the newcomers in a context of team results.

Approche pédagogique

  • Formal presentations used in a very participative way
  • Exercises and applications
  • Role play, case study, video analysis
  • Small groups discussions and debriefing
  • Discussions and classroom debriefing
  • Real work situations discussed and analyzed
  • Group work, solutions presented to classroom and coaching.

Attestation délivrée en fin de cours

A certificate of participation will be given to those who have attended more than 80% of the training hours.

Matériel pédagogique

  • The training slides
  • An exercice booklet
  • All references

Contenu du cours

Challenges and advantages of cultural diversity

  • Costs of not managing cultural diversity
  • Stakes and advantages
  • Systemic vision
  • Cost-benefit analysis 

Context around cultural diversity

  • Demographic context
  • Statistics on immigration and immigrants profesional integration
  • Related concepts
  • Types of immigration
  • Migratory experience 

Culture and cultural dimensions

  • Basic definitions and concepts
  • The 4 layers of diversity
  • Cultural dimensions at work :
  1. Distance to power
  2. Individualism-collectivism
  3. Masculinity-feminity
  4. Uncertainty avoidance
  • Culture and management in Quebec 

Cross-cultural competencies

  • Cross-cultural competencies
  • Intercultural communication
  • Constructive feedback methodology
  • Intercultural conflict resolution
  • Critical incident technique
  • Ideas and solutions
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